A Charlois Pastoral Reflection

“Whoever is not against us is for us.”  Mark 9:40 NRSV

Last week we talked of the idea that there is no distinction in persons; that continues today in this quote from the Gospel of Mark.  In the whole story it becomes clear that Jesus doesn’t care who others follow, as long as they are after the same goal.

Throughout the Judeo-Christian scriptures, as well as the sacred writings of other traditions, we hear, Love God and Love neighbor.  All traditions teach, at their core, to seek fellowship with God and neighbor as the highest quest.  Therefore, if that is what a person is seeking, then who is someone else to say it is wrong?

Too often people get so attached to a way of relating to God and creation that they begin to believe it is the only way.  This is not so.  God created us as unique individuals and I believe He expects us to seek Him in our own unique way.  It says in Philippians 2:12b “work out your own salvation.”  That serves as a mandate for us to find our own way.  We can seek others’ opinions, but we will be judged on what “WE” believe, not what others may believe.

So, it would be prudent of us if we were to spend more time figuring out our own path and quit telling others what path they should take.  In love, we can all help each other on this journey, so let us do it.

Meditate on that for a while,

Go in God’s grace.

Pastor Yancy

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  1. Presumably, the early followers of Christ referred to themselves as followers of the Way because of Jesus’ statement in John 14:6 that He is “the way and the truth and the life.” Luke says that Aquila and Priscilla explained to Apollos “the way of God” more fully (Acts 18:26). Peter refers to Christianity as “the way of truth” (2 Peter 2:2). And the writer of Hebrews says that Jesus’ broken body is the “new and living way” for us to enter the Most Holy Place. For me The Way is found in Romans 10:9. Pax vobiscum

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