Charlois Foundations

The primary document of Charlois has been published and is ready for purchase.  Check out the links under The Charlois Co., LLC page, that will take you to retailors that carry it.  Again, that is “The Charlois Manifesto”, by Robert A. Charlois III.

This is the first of writings that will be published for the benefit of the followers of Charlois.  We are currently working on book 2, a time / life management treatise.  Another in the planning stage is, “The Pastor That Lost His Mind, but gained an eternal life of abundance.” This will tell my story of mental illness and recovery.

There is more that is happening on the front lines.  The website is being updated with a new page, at The Charlois Co., LLC link.  Keep in mind, this is a work in progress.  We are also trying to improve the quality of everything we do.  From the website, blog, and writings.  It is here that we request your input.  You know best what you would like to see here.

Now that the Manifesto has been published the main thrust of my work will be to get our internet presence solidified.  That includes the web site, blog, and facebook presence.  When you read the Manifesto, you’ll see in book 3 an outline of our action plan.  We will be following that progression as we continue to expand Charlois.

Keep in mind, the main purpose of Charlois is to help people be the best version of themselves leading to an eternal life of abundance.  It is a big order but we believe it is possible if people come together to make it work.

So, buy the books, comment on the blog posts, contact us through the “contact us,” page.  Make this your dream as well.  It is for everyone’s benefit.

God bless, and have a great day.

Robert A. Charlois III

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