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We at believe the surest way to an abundant life is through continual self-improvement.  It is our desire that this website serves as a resource on your quest to become the best version of who you were created to be.  Thank you for joining us.

It is our desire that this site, and the philosophy it represents, only serve to improve the quality of life for those that interact with it.  Surf, ponder, and enjoy your journey while you are with us.


Yancy N. Adamson Jr.

Greetings, I am the founder of
As a way of introduction, I would like to provide a little background information about myself.

First of all, while visiting us you will notice the use of plural designations: us, we, authors, etc.  The reason for this is that I am a compilation of many personas.  Over the years I have interacted with many personalities, both living and deceased, each leaving an imprint on who I am today.  In an attempt to keep things simple, I will refer to myself in four ways: Yancy N. Adamson Jr., Robert A. Charlois III, Pastor Yancy, and, the Authors.  Let us take each in turn.

Yancy N. Adamson Jr. is the name given to me at birth.  Named after my father, who was named so as to be different, I to have an unusual name.  The N. as my middle name stands for Normal, a family distinction.  I was born on June 11th, 1957 in a little town called Urbana, Ohio.  We didn't stay there, or anywhere, for long.  We seemed to be constantly on the move.  This may be a contributing factor in the onset of my mental illness at age 12.  Finally diagnosed as schizo-affective disorder, life has been a struggle.  Regardless there have been moments when I have exceled, due to controlled symptoms.  These days I doing the best I ever have.

Robert A. Charlois III, is the name of my imaginary friend that I developed with the onset of my illness, in order to deal with issues surrounding that illness.  He is my alter-ego, the ideal of the person I desire to be.  He, or at least the Charlois part, is the inspiration for the Charlois philosophy.  It is all about becoming the best we were created to be and living an abundant life because of it.

Pastor Yancy, was what I was called while serving as a minister in the United Methodist Church.  I served in various capacities for 26 years ending my career in 2015 after serving as Pastor for a 3-church charge in North Central Kentucky.  The persona has carried over.

The Authors, is the designation I use when speaking of things that are a result of the interactions I’ve had with others.  I am fully aware that most of my thoughts are not new and usually come from a distillation of the thinking of many throughout the course of history.  I desire to give credit where I can but when that’s not possible, “The Authors,” is a generic term I use to denote its lack of originality.

It is my hope that this information serves as a springboard into getting to know more about the personalities behind Charloisphilosophy.  May your journey be blessed.

A website dedicated to all things Charlois

From the Leadership of, Thank You For Stopping By

This will be the primary clearinghouse for all communications in and about the philosophy.  It is to be viewed as a living document that is constantly being updated and evolving.  As things change, new departments come online, and new needs are identified, we will modify content so as to best serve our community.  Knowing that change is at times difficult to deal with, we will strive to only alter things necessary to improve performance, adding features instead of eliminating.


It is our desire that this site, and the philosophy it represents, only serves to improve the quality of life for those that interact with it.  Surf, ponder, and enjoy your journey while you are with us.

Charlois Foundations, From May 2024

One of the foundational beliefs of Charlois is the interconnectedness of all things.  However, that does not preclude the idea of us all having individual identities.  That means we all have our own way of doing things, and believing in our own way.  That includes how we relate to God and the universe.  That is […]
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A Charlois Pastoral Reflection

“..And to the centurion Jesus said, Go; let it be done for you according to your faith.” Throughout scripture it speaks of the power, we as humans possess.  Yet we do not use it as we should.  In this passage Jesus is saying, if you have faith, which is mentioned in various ways.  Why is […]
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A Charlois Book Review

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately; one book that I just can’t put away is Kevin Kruse’s foray into time management.  15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management is an excellent read.  Unlike most time management books, this one is full of “tricks” that save time and increase productivity.  Each chapter deals […]
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 The Charlois Life

It’s time for the Thursday edition of The Charlois Life; I’m late as I’ve been having computer issues.  Here I am though, ready to share how things are going in my world.  As is this will be published early Friday, with an installment of A Charlois Book Review coming later in the day. I’ve been […]
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The Charlois Co.

There is going to be a change to the Wednesday offering.  There are two outreach divisions at Charlois, The business, and the non- profit fellowship.  As of this writing, neither one of those entities are active.  I will try to write something appropriate on these days. Robert A. Charlois III
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The Charlois Life

July 9th, 2024; almost a month since I last wrote.  There has been a lot going on.  Getting my ducks in a row so I can live my 67th year as a new, improved, version of myself.  The week following my birthday I started a routine of drinking 64 oz’s of plain water; to keep […]
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