A Charlois Book Review

This, the first of the Charlois Book Reviews, will cover a book that has yet to be released to the public.  Due to be released on June 11th, 2022, “The Charlois Manifesto, a practical philosophy for living an abundant life,” will be the first of a series of foundational documents of the Charlois Philosophy.  Written by Robert A. Charlois III and team it is a short treatise, less than 100 pages, outlining what we believe are some key issues for living an abundant life.

This booklet consists of a preface, introduction, and four mini-books.  These mini-books comprise the body of the work and cover principles, roles, action plans, and vision of the Charlois Philosophy.

Book one of the mini-books covers thirteen principles that if followed will lead a person to be the best version of the person they were created to be, thus an abundant life.  These cover the gamut of universal interconnectedness, through continual self-improvement, and back to reunification with the whole.

Book two discusses the roles that all humans must fill in order to be complete beings.  While we need to find a somewhat balanced state between these roles there are occasions when it is necessary to focus on just one in order to bring it back in sync.

Book three is the action plan of the philosophy.  It covers how we feel we can best live out the beliefs of this movement in the local arena.  While it serves as a blueprint it should be noted that how each person lives these principles and roles is an individual matter.

Finally, book four is the vision.  It is by having a vision of where we see this going that we may attain some semblance of our goal; the betterment of our species and the world in which we live.


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