A Charlois Pastoral Reflection

Saturday, June 18th, 2022

Tomorrow is Fathers Day, the day we celebrate and honor our fathers.  The reason we do this is in part because they are our hero’s.  In many cases our father has been the most significant influence we will know.  As is obvious in the song, Cats in The Cradle, we often mimic the behavior they exemplify, becoming their mirror images.

This is not the only place where heroes are honored.  For example, in Hebrews of the Christian Bible there is a whole chapter dedicated to the heroes of the faith.  Chapter 11 has been called the faith chapter but could also be labeled, the hero chapter.  This is because, starting in verse 4, it catalogs, chronologically, the heroes down through the ages.  There are similar examples in other faiths as well.

The reason we honor these heroes is because they can have a tremendous affect on our formation.  Having such tremendous power in our developing lives, it would be wise for us to choose our heroes carefully.  If we want to be a certain way, then we need to find those to emulate who show such characteristics.  It has been said that, we are the product of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

Taking these facts to heart, then we should carefully choose our heroes, and then spend extreme amounts of time with them, either in person or by studying their lives.  In this way, we have a good chance of developing those traits we desire.

What we hope are the desires of your heart is to be the best version of who you were created to be.  In this way you can live a life of abundance.  But it your responsibility to take the steps necessary to make that happen.  So pick your heroes carefully and immerse yourself in their lives.

Peace and blessings in the name of God.

Pastor Yancy

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  1. Jamie, I’m thankful I found it as well. I am disappointed though because, in the confusion I missed some errors.

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