A Charlois Pastoral Reflection

Saturday, July 9th, 2022

The book of Acts, in the New Testament, is the story of the early years of the church.  Starting in chapter 3, verse 41, it begins with the conversion of 3000, and then goes on through verse 47 telling how they lived.  As can be seen in verses 43-46, the church has changed considerably since those early days.

We of Charlois, believe that society needs to reclaim those early practices.  In those days, those who claimed to be followers of “The Way,” took care of one another.  “All who believed were together and had all things in common.”  Acts 2:44 NRSV.  As can be deducted from reading the bible, the righteous life is all about love, love in the self-sacrificing sense.

If we, as a species, would live this way, we would eliminate most of the problems we see in the world today.  Loving others as we love ourselves, the second greatest commandment next to love God, is the way our universe functions best.  Things in balance, having a symbiotic relationship, where the best is brought about in all of creation.

If the benefits of such a way are so positive, I have to wonder why it doesn’t happen naturally?  Could it be that we are wired to want only that which benefits us as individuals?  In the conservative evangelical church, they speak of original sin.  We were created with the power of choice and since the beginning we have been choosing to put ourselves first.  Call it our sin nature or in a more liberal sense, our self-preservation instinct.

Whatever one chooses to call it, people and religions are finding a better way is to come together and care for each other as any have need.  So, if you want to be the best person you can be then choose to view others equal to yourself.

A saying of Charlois is,

     If you treat others with dignity, honor, and respect,

     Esteeming them higher than yourself,

     They will go to their graves fighting to make you successful.

                                                    Robert A Charlois III

Reflect on these words and live in the love and power of God.

Peace to us all.

Pastor Yancy

2 thoughts on “A Charlois Pastoral Reflection”

  1. Selfishness and self-centerdness has become rampant since the 50’s and 60’s. The greed is about more and more possessions for ourselves, less and less for the poor, in our own country and around the world. Having all the “stuff” is a sign off success. But…the one who dies with the most toys, still dies. Which path to the next life would you want to be on?

  2. Jamie & Mary Robinson

    So true Dinah! It seems we’ve lost concern for our peers let alone the least, the last & the lost!

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