A Mystical Journey

Study to show thyself approved

2 Timothy 2:14-19,  “…Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved by Him,…”

After the baptism of Jesus, He was driven into the wilderness to be tested.  In essence, He was being prepared for His life to come.  We too must prepare ourselves for our future life.  Without preparation we are more likely to fail at what we are being asked to do.  The Stoics taught training in expectation of the worst was critical for success in life.

We, not unlike those Stoics, have before us a universe full of possibilities, both good and bad.  Unless we prepare for the unknown, we are sure to miss opportunities, and be subject to all manner of problems.  Therefore, we need to set before ourselves a curriculum designed to enhance our God given abilities.

This course of study would involve self-reflection, journaling, physical, and mental calisthenics, as well other areas of preparation.  Ways to present ourselves as approved by God.

How are you preparing?  I pray it is enough. 

Pastor Yancy

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