Charlois Foundations

In my most recent Pastoral Reflection, I wrote about the three aspects of God and the interrelatedness of all things in the universe.  That could be the number one “Foundational Statement” in all of Charlois.  With that being said, let us examine the concept further.

Throughout Scripture we see that it constantly refers to the different aspects of God and man and how they work together.  This synergy is to be expected considering, in the simplest terms, all matter is of the same substance, and all energy is of the same sort.  The only thing that distinguishes the parts of the created order is the individual consciousness of all the different parts.

So, when the Bible says “love neighbor as self,” there is a reason; we are the same as our fellow creations, just assembled in our own unique way.

Some day everything will be reunited bringing about ordered perfection.  Until that time may I suggest that we work toward bring an ordered mutually beneficial way of existing.

God bless, and have a great day.

Robert A. Charlois III

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