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It has been over two weeks since the first of the year, and nothing much has happened.  It’s a slow start but that is not necessarily indicative of how the year is going to go.  Sometimes we have to fight our way through the underbrush of life to get to our desired destination.  This is true even for those who follow the Charlois Philosophy.  In fact, when we are striving to be the best we can be, which is what Charlois calls for, then there are going to be even more obstacles.

In my life there are many things I plan on accomplishing this year.  However much of it has to do with reprogramming my brain.  When we try to change who we’ve been, into who we want to be, our sub-conscience starts putting up roadblocks.  If we’re diligent we can get past these obstructions and realize our goal.  However, it takes discipline.

Stay the course, never give up hope, victory is mine says the Lord.  Even people like me that lack self-discipline can build that muscle within themselves.  Anything worth having is worth putting in the work to attain it.

So, continue working the program.  The end result is worth it.

Robert A. Charlois III

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