The Charlois Life

I recently took a five-day road trip to Ohio to visit family and friends.  Since it had been over four years since I had spent a night away from the Manor where I live, I was in for a shock.  The world I left had changed, or maybe it was me.

When I came to the Manor I was in a state of mental instability.  I had a distorted view of the world.  My reality was affected by psychosis and manic / depressive mood changes.  In the past four years things have changed for me.  I’m more stable because the environment I live in is more stable.  I get my medications regularly, as prescribed and the rest of my basic life needs are taken care of as well.  So, I experienced a blow to my reality when all that was removed.

It was a good experience; I learned a lot about myself.  That is key for someone trying to live the Charlois Life.  In our way of doing things, we examine our experiences to see what we can learn.  That is what I did; I asked questions of myself, and family / friends.  I sought answers as to what I experienced and how I can grow from the experience.

I discovered that the world is hodge-podge of stimulation.  For me it was overwhelming.  I wanted to run away and hide.  But I didn’t.  I exercised my coping muscles and learned new ways of maintaining within the confusion.  The biggest realization was, I can survive even in the midst of upheaval.

So, join me in examining ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in.  From this we will grow and become the best version of ourselves.

Robert A. Charlois III

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  1. So pleased you conquered the changed world. It is getting harder and harder to go with the flow in a more complex worldly environment. Way to go!

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