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This post is out of the regularly scheduled order but I want to cover some important ground.  For the past week I’ve been at a Behavioral Care Unit in Morehead, Kentucky.  I’ll get into the details momentarily but first I want to say something. I have no shame in checking myself into a unit such as this.  I have a severe mental illness and flare-ups happen the wisest course of action is to get help before it’s too late.  We would get treatment for any other illnesses, why not for the mental ones.  If you are struggling, get help, don’t let the stigma stop you.

With that said, this has been coming on for a couple of months.  Up until May 10th, I was doing very well.  We had started talking about backing off on the frequency of my therapy sessions with the goal of being maintenance only by the end of the year.

Then, in May I left with my x, for a 5-day vacation.  I struggled with all the stimulation the whole time.  Being my first trip away from the Manor in over four years, (not counting hospital trips, which there were several) I was not prepared for what people on the outside deal with on a daily basis.  So, when I got back, I had a session with my therapist to process it all.

With that trip I was out of sync with my life and other stressors started building to dangerous levels.  Projects that should have been a joy became oppressive.  Over several weeks the stress continued to mount; nothing seemed to be working.  Finally, on July 3rd, I was involved in an altercation with a fellow resident.  It wasn’t pretty, and it sent me over the edge.  The staff called EMS and I was taken to St Claire hospital in Morehead.

I am now somewhat stable, with a new awareness of my situation.  I have a plan for moving forward, which includes working on my three primary projects, and doing more self-care.  What I was reminded of was that none of us are immune.  With the right mix of situations, any of us can be pushed over the edge.

So, remember, even if you’re living your best possible life, be on guard.  It only takes an instant to put us in a bad situation.  Here is to living the good life.

God bless, and happy journeys.

Robert A. Charlois III

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