The Charlois Life

At 66 years old my friends are asking why I’m so driven.  When many people my age have retired, or are getting ready to, I still have goals.  That is what the Charlois Life is about; making a difference up to the end.  I realize I may not be able to complete all of my goals in my lifetime; let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger and my goals are pretty significant.  However, that does not mean it’s time to slow down; actually, it means I need to get busy.

How about you?  What contribution are you making?  That is a question we all need to ask ourselves.  Because, if we aren’t contributing, what’s our purpose.  Without a purpose, we flounder, and who wants that.

Instead, I suggest we find something we can align ourselves with, and go out with a bang.  Who knows, your memory may be eternal.

God bless, and happy journeys.

Robert A. Charlois III

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