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I need to make a confession; I’ve not been doing well lately, actually, since late last year.  Every since my book came out I’ve not had a driving purpose or any sort of motivation.  My therapist and I have been working on it but there doesn’t seem to be much progress.  I’m just sinking deeper into depression.

Things may be taking a turn for the better.  I’m at least trying to try different things to shake it off.  This, my blog, is one of the things I’ve decided to give a try.  By focusing on keeping a web log of my journey I believe I’ll feel I’m being held accountable, which I need.  If you want to help you can comment on these posts, or send me an email.  Just knowing you’re out there will be a great boost.  That and using this site as a journal will help keep me focused.

Other things I’m going to be doing are conducting myself in a manner that reflects who I desire to be.  This will include giving up some things and starting others.  First on the list, smoking.  Smoking has been my number 1 issue most of my life.  Not only is it bad for my physical health but my emotional wellbeing suffers because of it.  The financial cost is oppressive as is the drain on what could be time used for more productive pursuits.

In order to accomplish my goal of being a non-smoker I have a plan; I’ll track my habit and reduce my consumption by at least 1 cigarette per day.  I started this process on Friday, May 10th, 2024.  On that day I smoked 44 cigs, a little above average but a good starting point.  The next day I smoked 30, a decrease of 14 cigs.  The next day I’m shooting for 28, which is about average.  From now on it will probably be more difficult, only lowering the number by the 1 I’ve planned.

Another practice I’ll be undertaking is a move to add positive habits in the spaces left from my smoking cessation.  I have an ideal daily schedule that I have posted.  Each week I’ll be adding one thing from it to turn into a habit.  So, I have some things to work on.  It’s not the end of the journey but it is a good start.

Looking forward to the future.

Yancy N. Adamson Jr.

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  1. I quit smoking recently. It is very hard. Try adding writing positive affirmations to your daily routine to replace your smoke breaks. You got this!

    Praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts.

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