The Charlois Life

It is time for another installment of “The Charlois Life,” staring yours truly.  When we last talked, I was giving a run down of what I’m working on.  In essence, I want to be the best version of me possible and to share that journey to the goal through my blog and books.  Today I want to keep that conversation going.

I spoke about being a Renaissance Man and what that would entail.  I am discovering that if I want to write and do my studies, I’ll need my environment to be organized.  It is not dirty or anything like that, it’s just cluttered and messy.  So, one of my first projects is going to be “get things in order.”

My room is divided into areas, as to rough purposes.  There are 5: office, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and library.  My goal is to take each area in turn and clean and organize.  This job will take several days but once it is done, I feel like the stage will be set to accomplish my program.  At least my mood will be where it needs to be.

One step at a time and I plan on this stage being complete by Easter.  I’ll be able to celebrate properly at that point.

So, until next time,

God be with you,

Yancy Adamson

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