A Charlois Book Review

It is finally here; “The Charlois Manifesto,” by Robert A. Charlois III, (pen name).  Published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House; released August 28th, 2023.  Officially titled, The Charlois Manifesto, A practical philosophy for living an abundant life. This book serves as a Practical Philosophy for living an abundant life. While the thought process that went into its formation is theoretical, the process is practical. We, the authors, believe the best route to an abundant life is the quest to become the best version of yourself that was created to be. Following this process, we believe, is the route to that good life and all the abundance it brings with it. Read it, but more importantly, live it and witness your life-changing. It’s as inevitable as the morning coming after a long night of darkness.

This is a quick read; at only 80 pages, a reader can cruise through it in no time.  On the other hand, to get the most out of it one needs to take it slow, savoring all the concepts.  Another thing that makes it an easy read is the way it is laid out.  Broken down into 4 sections, called books, divides things up nicely.

The first book covers the principles, of which there are 13. There is an introduction preceding each set of 3, with the exception of number 13, which stands alone.

The second book covers the roles every human has.  There are 8 of these, with a corresponding chapter for each.

Book three is the action plan.  This is where one can find the specifics of how we think things should operate.

Finally, there is the vision.  Here we get to see what the authors are striving for.

This is available through such retailers as Balboa Press Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and of course Walmart.  You can check out “The Charois Co., LLC” page where you can find links to all four of these.  By clicking on the link it will take you right to the book ordering site.

Buy it, read it, enjoy it.

Robert A. Charlois III

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