A Charlois Pastoral Reflection

“Study to shew thyself approved…” 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV

Most people assume that the author of this passage is referencing the Judeo / Christian scriptures.  I believe they are mistaken when they say the Bible is the only book for me.  I believe God wants us to study everything as it all reflects the self revealing nature of Himself.

In Richard Foster’s book Celebration of Disciplines, he has an entire chapter on the idea of study.  Through study we draw closer to God and His people.  Scripture tells us to love God and love neighbor as self.  How can we love if we don’t know the persons, we say we love?

It seems to be very important to God for us to expand our awareness of the glories He has provided for us.  This idea that we can know everything just by reading our Bibles is ludicrous.  We are to immerse ourselves in all manner of study so as to extract the truth, the whole truth.  We can only do this if we take our studies seriously.

Go, and show yourselves approved before God.

God’s peace to us all.

Pastor Yancy

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