Charlois Foundations

We have been talking about reading and studying for the last couple of posts and that is because continuous self-improvement is one of the foundational beliefs of Charlois Philosophy. Research has shown that, with proper care, the human brain can continue developing until the day we die.  As long as we feed it a healthy diet, challenge it with new information, and keep it safe; it can provide us with the brain power we need to live an abundant life.

Not only does feeding the brain help it develop it, it can also be a source of great joy.  Reading, puzzles, and new experiences, are the base from which we can build a great life.  Why wouldn’t we want to get as much use from our mental equipment as possible.

Charlois is a philosophy that seeks the best for its practitioners.  So, if you want to access all God offers through the universe then continue providing yourself with all that helps body, mind, and spirit.

God bless, and have a great day.

Robert A. Charlois III

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