A Charlois Pastoral Reflection

Saturday, July 16th, 2022

“… and it was in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians.”  Acts 11:26b NRSV

“Agrippa said to Paul. Are you so quickly persuading me to become a Christian?”  Acts 26:28 NRSV

What is a Christian?  It depends on a lot of things.  According to the Charlois Philosophy, we go by the earliest examples.  A Christian is someone who lives like Jesus in such a way that others call them “Christian,” or little Christs’.  So, it is not what we say, but rather, it’s how others perceive us.

Move forward in time to 2022, and the story has changed.  In this day and age, it seems as if there are as many definitions as there are people; with millions calling themselves by the title.  But even with that, there are broad categories.  There are Evangelicals, Liberals, Moderates, born again, Sanctified, and the list goes on.

It would seem that the main criteria for claiming the title is to say you are a Christian.  I wonder what God thinks of that turn of events?

Let me suggest something here.  Why don’t we quit being so arrogant, by claiming to be Christian, and instead let others decide?  That way we’re not blaspheming the Holy Spirit when we stumble and do something so un-Christ like.

Reflect on these words and live in the love and power of God.

Peace to us all.

Pastor Yancy

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