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Monday, July 18th, 2022

“Be all you can be.”  This advertising slogan from the US Army is also one of the foundational concepts of the Charlois Philosophy.  In fact, you should note that if you are not trying to be all you can be, then you are not embracing the philosophy.

When someone, or something is created by the Creator, it is perfect.  Only after it is exposed to other sources does it become less than it could be.  One of the purposes of this life is to strive to return to that initial state of perfection.  Not the same state as before, but one that has evolved into an even more perfect being.

We were created with a beginning, but our Creator wants us to join with Him as we grow into our created potential.  As our species, and the rest of creation evolves we get closer to the perfect state that the Creator intended.  In the beginning, the creative process began, maybe with a thought, word, or possibly even a big bang, but regardless of how, it was only the beginning that continues for eternity.

God laid out a blueprint for creation and we are responsible for building it to His specifications.  We are given the freedom of choice to decide how we interpret that plan, but we are to carry it out in a way that pleases Him.

Pleasing Him is easy when we quit thinking only of ourselves and focus instead on the good of all creation.  But we Sin, to use some traditions terminology, and think only of what benefits us.  That approach leads to destruction, not only of ourselves but also everything around us.  We were given dominion to care for creation, not destroy it.

So, as you are contemplating what the best you looks’ like, remember, we are just a piece of the puzzle that is this universe.  Take care in how you relate to the rest of the pieces.

Peace and joy in the name of God.

Robert A. Charlois III

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