A Mystical Journey

“And He was transfigured before them” Mark 9:2b NRSV

What does it mean to be Transfigured?  For this passage, the disciples finally saw Jesus in all of his spiritual glory.  While earlier, when he asked them “who do you say that I am?” they got it right.  It was at that point that they recognized Jesus for who he was.  However, it wasn’t until he took them up the mountain did they get to see with their own eyes.

We too can be transfigured.  When we turn away from the ways of the world and start living a life dedicated to God and our fellow beings, then we become more beautiful, in a spiritual way.

People around us begin to see the difference.  Because we act differently.  It has been said that you can tell who’s child someone is by the way they walk.  This is true of the children of God.  When we embrace the heart and mind of God, we have been changed into something more beautiful, more glorious.

So, if you want to be the best version of the you that you were created to be, then life like the child whose you are.

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