The Charlois Life

Recently I’ve been having some problems; failing to view my successes, not sure of myself, and just an overall malaise.  So, I’ve started troubleshooting the problem.  What I have discovered is this; with all I have going on I’m not seeing progress in any one area.  It’s there, just hidden from sight.  So, the next step is to celebrate the past victories and see how far I’ve come.

Once I get my feet back under me it’ll be time to assess the current status of all my projects.  There will be some, the Non-profit for example, that are currently in the hands of others.  If that is the case, I need to put it on the back burner until it’s returned to my care.

That leaves those items that I’m still directly in charge of; of which there are two.  I need to focus solely on those at the moment and let the rest be cared for by their responsible parties.

If I am to accomplish my goals, I need to stay focused on those items that are currently on my plate.  There is no need to spend valuable energy on things that other people are working on.  I just need to trust that I have the best team to handle my projects.

Once I let the externals go, and start focusing on those items that are still my sole responsibility, I will find I have more creative energy to work on my stuff.  This post is a good example.  I’m currently the only one writing these so it makes sense that I give it my best shot.

These are lessons I wish I had learned a long time ago but I’m just glad I’ve got it now.

Don’t give up.  You will find the answers if you work at it.

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