How To – Live An Abundant Life

With the Charlois Philosophy, the goal is to become the best version of yourself possible so that you can live abundantly.  With that abundance we are free to share our bounty with others, thereby completing the cycle of reciprocity.

In order to be our best selves, we need to focus on continual self-improvement.  That begins with an honest self-assessment, where our strengths and weaknesses are brought to our awareness.  We can’t fix ourselves if we don’t know where we stand.

Once we have the self-assessment completed, we can devise a plan on how to proceed.  It is our belief that we should find a balance between working on our strengths and our weaknesses.  By giving attention to our strengths, we increase our effectiveness in changing things.  Working on our weaknesses, on the other hand reduces the likelihood that we’ll create more problems for ourselves.

Finishing up this process calls for a periodic review of our progress.  By doing this self-evaluation we can be prepared to make corrections along the way, thus increasing our success rate.

It is that simple; Assess, adapt, succeed.  That is the formula for becoming your best self.  Now, begin the process.

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