A Charlois Book Review

In 2020, BJ Fogg, PHD. Wrote a book called “Tiny Habits, The Small Changes That Change Everything.”  Written after 25 years of research, with 40,000 people it is a groundbreaking treatise on habit formation.

The body of the work is 8 chapters of instruction in the skill of habit formation.  He postulates that there is a system to changing habits.  Working with the equation of Behavior = Motivation, Ability, Prompt; he says, any habit can be formed quicky and enjoyably.  He proves his point by giving the process, and then sharing examples from his work with others, through the “Tiny Habits Course.”

The book is a straight forward explanation of the steps; one per chapter that, when followed leads to the desired behavior.  He says, beginning with small steps to establish a habit, the expanding it over time, we can build the identity we are striving for.

At 306 pages, this is the best resource I’ve found to elicit change in our personal lives, plus it can carry over into other areas as well.  I encourage you to get a copy.  You can do as I did and check it out for yourself, or just go ahead and buy a copy right away.  Although I was introduced via the library, I’m definitely going to buy my own copy.

Get it, read it, and begin the journey to the life you desire.

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