A Charlois Pastoral Reflection

Mark 11:1-11 The telling of Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Although I was not there, I believe it was more low key than the movies make it.  While I don’t doubt there was celebrating; I don’t believe it was the masses.  People had their own agendas for being in town on this Passover week.  Only his closest followers anticipated something victorious.

According to verse 11, it was late when He entered the temple and there wasn’t much going on.  No one had a clue about what would transpire on this holiest week of the year.

Because the church has expanded the view of what was happening, we really don’t realize the magnitude of this week for the Jews of the time.  We have highjacked it for our own purposes, ignoring those who have a different understanding.  I feel that in order to make it truly a Judeo-Christian event, we need to acknowledge that there was more to it than just about Jesus.

This has been a trend in the life of the church.  People of the Christian faith have trampled other people’s expressions of faith, all in the desire to propagate this new faith as the only way to God.  This is a travesty.

The God I believe in, and the one the Charlois Philosophy promotes is an all loving, all encompassing, God of the whole universe.  If we want to exclude other’s just because they don’t believe the same way we do, well then, I think we need to take a long hard look at ourselves.

Meditate on that for a while,

Go in God’s grace.

Pastor Yancy

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