Charlois Principles

Over recent weeks I’ve written about the Charlois Principles.  I wrote a piece about each one of the 13.  Now it’s time to expand the discussion.

The 13 Principles are short statements about steps, that if followed, will help people become the best version of themselves, thus leading to an abundant life.

While each principle can be taken in turn, it is not required.  In fact, working on them all concurrently may be a more realistic approach.  The reason for this is that they feed off of each other.

Therefore, while addressing one you are simultaneously approaching the others.  In other words, say you are working on the one about reaching into your spiritual nature; that takes the personal discipline taught in principle 3.

So, I feel it is wise to scan the complete list and fit them together in a way that makes sense to you.

Just some information to consider while reading the Charlois Manifesto.

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