A Mystical Journey

The theme for this Advent Sunday is, “Christ our joy.”  So, what does it mean, “our joy?”

When we look at our world we see an amalgamation of nearly 8 billion people, each having their own unique view of what joy is.  But for the purposes of answering what joy is in the context of the Advent season, we must remember it also in relation to the birth of this messiah.

The birth of Jesus would usher in a time when we could see how the kingdom of God operated.  With the things Jesus taught and would demonstrate, the kingdom came alive and real for his followers.

In today’s world, this manifestation comes to us again as we celebrate the birth and eventual return of Christ.  It is going to require his followers to fulfill his prediction that, “even greater things than this shall you do,” John 14:12,  to manifest the kingdom in our time.

So as we prepare for this celebration, let us consider what is required of us to live out Jesus’s words.

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