Charlois Principles

Principle #8 – We are members of the human species and as such we need to develop our interdependence.

     “Interdependence is a choice only independent people can make.”  Stephen Covey

     We live in a very social world and it is growing more so every day. If we are to be the people we are created to be, living as fellow residents of this created universe, then we need to take these principles to heart. We cannot interact with others if we are not independent ourselves and without the synergy of working with others it is doubtful if we will ever reach our full potential as individuals and as a species.

     There are three principles that go a long way in assuring we become truly interdependent.  The principle of interpersonal leadership.  In this area we strive to get to the appropriate solution, regardless of individual egos.  When we look at everything from the mindset that the best solution rarely comes from one right position.  Thinking this way opens the door to a vast array of possibilities that would not be available independently.

     The principle of empathic communication teaches that to fully understand a situation it is necessary for a person to articulate the other person’s position.  By being able to do this we empower the dialog to take on a life of its own.  That eliminates unnecessary negotiating and gets right at the situation at hand.  This sets the stage for the last principle.

     The principle of creative cooperation focuses on synergy, that possibility of producing more together than is possible working independently.  It is an experience to behold seeing a team working in a way that generates many more options because they feed on each other’s energy and ideas.

     This interdependent relationship is going to be critical if we are to evolve into our potential, both as individuals and as a race of differing entities.

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