A Mystical Journey

“I have come that you may have life and that more abundantly” John 10:7-10 NRESV

Once we have come to know the truth and that truth has set us free, then we enter the realm of abundance.  Every good and pleasurable thing is ours to have.  The universe, and God as its creator wants us to be filled with our every need.

But this abundance comes at a cost.  We must first seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness.  Then, and only then will all the rest be given to us.

How do we seek Him and His kingdom? By prayer, study, and commitment to His principles.  If we are truly following where He is leading then we will know the way, for the Holy Spirit will show us the steps we need to take.

It’s not about following a bunch of restrictive laws but rather an involvement in a loving relationship.  Out of chaos God created an ordered universe, and we must share that love with our fellow inhabitants.

So share the gifts you have been given and receive your just reward.

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