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Thursday, February 9, 2023

We have come to another milestone in our evolution as an organization.  When I was still a young lad, I had visions of having my own business.  As I matured, first as a teen, then young adult, and still maturing to this day; the vision never ended, however, it did morph into something I couldn’t see when I had those first dreams.  Today marks another transformation.

I spoke with a lawyer today about the steps we needed to take to become a 501c(3), non-profit.  That led to some further research on my part, and boom, a light in the fog.

What started as a dream for my own business, evolved into sharing the proceeds with God, and has finally come to this.  It is all God’s.  Before today I envisioned a joint venture, where we had this business that gave 10% to ministries to help people live their best lives.  With that, we would also have a non-profit to raise and disburse funds for the same purpose.  Glitch, law says one person can’t have both entities under their name.

So, next month I’ll be filing paperwork with the Secretary of the State to form, “The Charlois Co.,” an entity that combines both expressions into one unique organization that will do everything the previous two did, but as one non-profit that gives its all for God’s mission.

This is where we stand.  As of March, we will be a certified non-profit under the name of, “The Charlois Co. LLC.”  We will continue the process by getting our tax ID number and filing for the 501c(3) status.  “Fellowship of ALL God’s Children,” will continue being the social arm of the movement, “” will still be the website, and we will start working to add a revenue producing arm.

This is all new to us but we are confident this is the path we are called to be on.  As with any new endeavor, there is a level of uncertainty, but we believe we’ll grow into the role.  It is our hope that our readers will support our efforts, and make this a successful project; one that will benefit many.

Keep us in your prayers and ask God how He would like to see you contribute to the movement.  Peace and blessings,

Robert A. Charlois III

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