A Mystical Journey

I Corinthians 13:1-13  “The Love Chapter”

In the King James version of the bible the term “Charity,” is used in place of love.  This is probably because that charity denotes the type of love being talked about.  We are to love our neighbors as ourselves, with a self giving relationship.

On this Valentines weekend it is appropriate that we speak of love.  We celebrate love in its many forms, not just the erotic love we have for another.  If we were to look at love in the Greek mindset of the first century, we would find that there are many ways to love one another.  All are appropriate in the proper context.

Too often we resist the command to love one another because we may be thinking of an inappropriate form of love.  But in the proper context, all love comes from God, for He first loved us.

So, on the Valentines weekend think of your different relationships and determine what the best expression of love is, in the right context.

Love God, and Love neighbor, for there is no better way.

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