Charlois Principles

Principal 13) The whole purpose of living these Principles is to gain union with God and Creation in service to the highest good which is the Perfect will of God.

Revelation 21 talks of a new Heaven and a new Earth where God and man will spend eternity together.

“What must I do to inherit eternal life?”

     This question which has been asked in various forms since the beginning of time gets to the heart of the the human quest.  Man seems to be hardwired to want to seek a return to the presence of God.  It’s as if we are incomplete if we are not an integral part of the greater cosmos.

     In man’s search for meaning, it boils down to, what can I do to be a part of the greater reality?  We came from God, in the beginning and to God we will return in the end.

    In some faiths, there is the belief that we are recreated or born anew over and over until we evolve to a state where that return is possible.

     In other traditions we are given this one life and then the judgement, where it will be determined whether we have met the criteria for eternity with God, or, eternity separated from Him.

     We believe that God, given His perfect love nature, would give us every opportunity to meet whatever the criteria are.  Thus, yes, we believe in some form we are given multiple chances to learn the lessons necessary to make the transition from mortal beings to that which we desire, immortality.

     These principles are a way, one of many, that serves to aid us in that journey.  When we follow the teachings in this manifesto, we believe we are being equipped to make that transition.

“A Heart That Couldn’t Sleep Last Night.”

A heart that couldn’t sleep last night, for souls that anguish far below, and baptistries unused above; Would speak of things more tragic still, of hearts become as cold as stone;

When in the rush of daily things, of jobs and coin of mortal fare, why can we not more clearly see, what dangers lurk beyond the pale, and press t’ward legacies beyond, where moth and rust cannot prevail;

And on the final day we dwell, shall truth the final ledger tell, we might have done a better job, to run a race where none prevail, but in the last analysis it won’t much matter where we fit, as long as we have steered our course to let our Savior settle it.

Pastor Gordon Jones, August 10th, 2021

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