The Charlois Life

Living a Charlois Life is not without its drawbacks.  One of the biggest of those is our tendency to fret over not getting enough done.  I know I fall into that trap way too often. With our quest to become the best we can be we are constantly trying to improve.  If you’re like me that sets up the question, “when is it enough?”

At a recent therapy session my therapist suggested that I put together a list of accomplishments from this past year.  She went on to suggest I post that list where I would see it every day.  The purpose for this exercise is to have a visual reminder of the progress I’m making.

To take that exercise one step further I’m starting to do a nightly review of all I did during the day, then write a gratitude statement for all I managed.  This forces me to focus on the positives, and to be grateful.  When I do this I’m less likely to berate myself for not doing more.

Try it and see if it helps you.  It won’t hurt, and maybe you’ll be pleased to see your progress.

Robert A. Charlois III

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