Charlois Principles

Principal 12) Having attained that which we desire then we are best served by relinquishing control of self and all that we hold dear.

This comes from my reading of Matthew 16:3,4 where we are called to give our lives up for God, and other readings on sacrifice as well.

“Treat people with dignity, honor, and respect; esteeming them higher than yourself and they will give their lives to make you successful.” (Robert A. Charlois, 2017)

Giving of oneself is the foundation on which the future society must embrace.  We live in a world that like no other time in history we see the interconnectedness on a grand scale.  States are more and more relying on each other for basic, and not so basic needs.  The law of reciprocity served primitive civilizations well and it can the modern equally as well.

“It’s not what you get from life that matters, rather, it’s what you contribute that makes the difference.” Robert A. Charlois

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