How To – Live An Abundant Life

Living an abundant life is both easy and at the same time difficult.  It is easy in that the principles leading to this abundant life are simple and straightforward.  Become the best you can be and you will naturally receive abundance.

It is difficult because we have a lifetime of programming our subconscious minds want to keep intact.  In order to become our best selves, we almost always need to change this programming in order to put on a new identity.  Changing the very scripts, we’ve been living our whole lives with takes commitment.

In the soon to be released book, The Charlois Manifesto, the authors lay out a program of self-improvement that if followed will lead to your being a better version of yourself.  It gives 13 principles, everything from a belief in the interconnectedness of all of creation, to sharing your abundance with others.

As a part of the living organism, called creation, we need to keep the big picture first and foremost in our minds.  When we care for the universe, the universe rewards us with the abundance we seek.  This sharing attracts what we desire, and thus fulfills our quest.

It has been questioned, “if your prayers were answered, who would be better off, you, or those around you?”  This is a question we need to be asking ourselves.

So care for each other and receive your reward.

Robert A. Charlois III

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