Charlois Principles

Principle #7 – We are individuals and as such we need to develop our independence.   

     “I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.”  Henry David Thoreau  

Being independent creatures brings unique obligations and opportunities.  We are the only species that we are aware of that is self-aware.  As such we can impact our behavior.  It was once thought that we, like other animals, were given a plan for our lives that may as well been etched in stone.  Whether it was genetically, environmentally, or socially; how we behaved and functioned was beyond our control.  Modern research proves that not to be the case.

Because of our ability to self-direct our individuality is even more within our ability to control.  In Covey’s book he calls this ability the private victory, and it has three parts.  “Personal Vision, Personal leadership, and personal management,” work together to enable us to be the person we desire.  We can be independent from outside forces and forge the lives we want.

Personal Vision is taking control of our programming, rewriting it where necessary.  By being proactive in deciding who we want to be we are taking the first step toward our independence.  We look at ourselves and decide; do I want to be the way I am or would it suit me better to be more the self I envision?

Personal Leadership is the stage we come to next.  We draft the map of our lives.  By looking at our values, roles, and goals; and comparing that to our lives we declare we want from our vision and then plan it out.  Writing a personal mission statement is a major piece of that work.

Finally, we come to personal Management.  In this stage we see the plan and carry it out.  Things such as scheduling, and prioritizing take on significance.  It is here that the work of our lives becomes a part of our integrity, and character.

By working on these three areas, we can forge an identity to our individuality, becoming the person we believe we were created to be.

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