A Mystical Journey

The Beginning of Advent

This is the beginning of the Christian year; the season of Advent.  It is a period of 4 Sundays that are set aside for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah.  Each Sunday has as its focus one thing that this coming means.  The first Sunday focuses on our hope.

For many years, the Jewish people anticipated the coming of a Messiah.  An anointed one sent by God to lead the people into His kingdom.  Sure, there were some who were thought to be that Christ, but none delivered the way it was thought was assured.

Today we to await; the second coming has been foretold.  We hope for deliverance from the reign of Satan, to a never ending of Gods’ kingdom.  But wait!

Our hope is a reality that we don’t have to wait for because the living Christ is with us, even to this day.  Jesus said he would send a comforter, His spirit to guide us in righteousness.  All we have to do is open our hearts and minds to receive the gift.

Unfortunately, many people are so entrenched in their idea of what His coming will look like that they miss the evidence, and power of His current presence.  We have within our reach an opportunity to remake this planet into what our Lord designed it to be.

One of the biggest sins we can commit is to deny, as those 1st century Jews did, the presence of God’s anointed.  Should we not have learned that our deliverer will not come as we expect.  Rather, His presence will come as a new born babe; pure and innocent.

This week reflect on how your life could be different if only you took your hope and lived it as fact.  He is here, just waiting to be acknowledged.

So, enter into His hope and believe. Pastor Ya

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