Fellowship Of All God’s Children

Continuing the thought processes of a week ago I wish to explain a little more about Fellowship Of All God’s Children and this Spiritual Renewal Crusade.  The Charlois Philosophy, or Charlois for short, is a belief that the road to an abundant life is through the pursuit of becoming the best we can be.

Everything Charlois is geared toward helping people on that journey.  With businesses providing people with employment opportunities and training, this web-site and blog, even the books that will be written. And Fellowship Of All God’s Children is a major part of that movement.

There are many benevolent organizations that strive to help people through difficult times.  Our goal at Charlois is to provide necessary resources so that these organizations can carry out their mission.  Along with that is an opportunity to fellowship with one another for growth and support.

This Spiritual Renewal Crusade will be a chance to cover many areas of our mission.  It will be our 1st fund raising event, with the goal of raising funds for causes in and around the Maysville, Kentucky, area.  10% of funds raised will go to National causes, with the remaining 90% staying local.

The format that it will take is the Crusade.  People can come and get a fresh perspective on their Spiritual journey, be challenged to do something with it, and be given resources to carry them forward.

It is our prayer that with this Crusade the Charlois movement will be poised to make a difference in peoples lives.  We hope you will join us in this endeavor.

Pastor Yancy

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