The Charlois Life

Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

What is Charlois, you may be asking?

Charlois is many things and is expanding constantly.  It started with my way of dealing with life.  Having a serious mental illness, I needed a consistent way of processing life events.  So, Robert A. Charlois came into being.  Over time this persona seemed to evolve and take on a life in its own right; so much so that I was at times confused as to whether I was Yancy or Robert.  Things have leveled out and the various personas have become guiding characters in my story of life.

Today Charlois is a philosophy, life style, and will soon have a non-profit cousin.  The various characters that make up this family each have their own place and personality that has evolved over time.  They owe their personalities and characteristics to many traditions, from the Judeo-Christian beliefs of my early years to the Stoic philosophy that has garnered my attention in these last few years.  Eastern religions and philosophies have contributed as have some of the more esoteric disciplines.

It has all been thrown into a pot and affected how I function is this diverse universe.  One of the guiding thoughts of Charlois is that we are each individual, interconnected but still unique.  As such we should each develop our own ideas of the world.  We should take all manner of communication that has inspired others, blend that with the traditions of our world, view it all through the lens of personal experience, and finally use our intellect to build a custom ideology to take us closer to where we were created to be.

This journey we call life has enough twists and turns, with an ample supply of bumps and pot holes, to keep us on our toes for the whole ride.  We do not need good meaning people telling us what is right or wrong for us.  We need to figure that out for ourselves, using good council as appropriate, of course.

Therefore, begin anew, and map out the path that is your journey and grow to be who you were created to be.

Go in God’s grace and peace, with His blessings the whole way.

Robert A. Charlois III

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