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I think it’s time.  Time to admit I need help getting out of this situation.  As I weigh my options, I can tell some of the steps I’m taking are helping, but not enough.  Therefore, I’m planning on talking with my psychiatrist on Wednesday.  We’ll discuss whether it might be time for a medication adjustment.  I don’t like being on meds but sometimes that little kick goes a long way.  (Wrote April 4th)

It’s me finishing up where I left off.  It has been a while which is indicative of the situation I’ve found myself in these past months.  It has been a rough time what with worsening depression, some physical problems, all happening at once.  However, we increased one of my anti-depressants to the next level and I started seeing results after about two weeks.  That improvement should continue until my therapeutic levels stabilize.

And they have.  Feeling much better these days.  That prepares me for getting back to working on me.  I know I’ll have to take it slow and happy for any progress.  I’m only going on a few things until they are firmly in place.

Quitting smoking is my first priority.  It affects everything and therefore it’s critical for it to be eradicated.  Two more things to make into habits: my meditation practice, and my fitness routine.  These two will be important to keep me stable.  Finally, there is my occupation.  I will be devoting 12-24 hours per week to writing.  This will include work on my book and of course my blog.

That should be enough to keep me busy but not overwhelmed.  Which gives me time for relaxation, like reading.  As you can see I am working toward getting back on track.

God be with you,

Yancy Adamson

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  1. You’re taking steps to be successful. Have you considered a replacement for cigarettes? Something like peppermint, pretzel sticks or a taste totally in conflict with the taste of tobacco to distract you from the habit? Always seeking the best for you.

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