The Charlois Life

It is 11:30 pm on Tuesday night, and as promised I’m writing today’s installment of The Charlois Life.  The last time I posted was May 23rd, so it has been a while.  Hopefully this is the start of a more consistent endeavor.

I am finally my old self; actually, I’m the new improved version.  I think it will be clear in the days and weeks ahead.  I have put a lot of work into self-examination, and reflecting on my discoveries.  As I clear my schedule and start working on the future, from now on, I’ll be focusing on this blog, my next book, and my self-improvement program.  That should keep me honest.

On Thursday I’ll give a run down on my goals. And we’ll see from that what I’ll be dedicating my time to.  Until then get ready for a new journey.

God bless,

Yancy Adamson

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